New deadly virus has appeared in China

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, a new virus, called hantavirus, was recorded in China. Scientists are confident that in this case there will be no such outbreak as from a coronavirus.

A man from Yunnan died right on the charter bus while he was driving to work in a neighboring province. Specialists conducted a test and determined the cause of death of the Chinese – hantavirus.

Tests were also made for the remaining passengers who were on the same bus with the deceased.

Experts added that hantavirus is not as dangerous to humans as coronavirus. This disease was first recorded in the middle of the last century. Around the end of the 80s, scientists began to carefully study the infection.

They also found that this virus can spread exclusively through rodents.

People can become infected solely as a result of contact with rodents or their waste products. Infection can also occur when a rodent bites a person. It is worth noting that several cases have been recorded that hantavirus was transmitted from person to person, but such an infection is considered to be an uncharacteristic way for it.

In the USA, they noted that only a few can get hantavirus, but at the same time, the infection causes high mortality, which can reach 38%.

Until today, there is no specific treatment for hantavirus or vaccines, and patients should be treated with intensive care and the use of mechanical ventilation devices.


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