New conspiracy theory: Bill Gates knew in advance about the coronavirus pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Bill Gates has repeatedly talked about how to deal with a pandemic and what it will lead to humanity. His regular speeches made conspiracy theorists think that the entrepreneur was directly or indirectly involved in the outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to analyst firm Zignal Labs, the theory that Bill Gates is somehow connected with a pandemic was mentioned 1.2 million times on social networks. Such messages on Facebook, for example, 16 thousand. Posts rated 900 thousand people.

Another interesting fact is that the patent for the vaccine was received by a company funded by one of Bill Gates’s firms. Plus, the wife of entrepreneur Melinda in 2015 talked about a virus that would affect the whole world.

Analysts said the conspiracy theory came from one tweet published in late January. The proof was PirbrightInstitute’s patent. Its funding was provided by the Gates Foundation.

It is important to note that the vaccine was intended for poultry, not for humans. Not all publications support conspiracy theory, some, such as the Times, even try to justify Bill Gates.


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