New chip technology is able to pass through itself the entire terrestrial Internet in one second

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers from the Danish University of Technology have set a new data transfer speed record. Interestingly, they used only one optical chip for this.

Scientists managed to achieve a rate of 1.84 petabits per second. This is almost twice the estimated bandwidth of the entire terrestrial Internet (1 petabit per second ).

Thus, in theory, all information on the Internet can be transmitted through this chip in less than a second.

What is known

Frequency comb optical chip technology is not new. Moreover, this is not the first record that she shows. Since 2020, engineers have been using it to set one speed achievement after another.

The mathematical model shows that the limiting traffic can one day reach 100 petabits per second – this is an incredible figure.

The principle of operation of the chip is based on applying an infrared laser beam to a frequency comb – a device that divides the base beam into many individual waves.

Each of them is converted by polarization, amplitude and phase modulation into an encoded signal for data transmission.

Then they are again combined into one beam and transmitted by optical fiber, and the reverse decoding process takes place at the receiver.

The latest version of the chip creates 233 separate waves, but this number could be increased many times over as nanotechnology advances.

It is also possible to create spatial copies of the base comb in order to “parallelize” the signal, transmitting many times more data over one channel.

It is the ability to scale the system almost to infinity that is its main advantage compared to existing analogues.

Unfortunately, nothing is yet known about the commercial implementation of this technology, but it is clear that the impact that it will have on technology, the economy and the world in general should be enormous.


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