New blood test detects cancer four years before symptoms first appear

(ORDO NEWS) — The technique developed by Chinese and American scientists will make it possible to more effectively fight a wide variety of oncological diseases.

Specialists conducted a special test that showed the presence of cancer in 91% of people who still did not have even minor signs of the disease, but four years later a completely disappointing diagnosis was made. To detect oncology, a special blood test was performed.

For the study, various blood samples were collected by Fudan University, which is located in China. The study was conducted from 2007 to 2017. More than 120 thousand people took part in it, who every year took a regular blood test and were checked by different doctors. During the study, scientists collected more than one and a half million samples, which are currently stored in the archives of the university.

The study was recognized as unique due to the fact that doctors had access to blood samples taken long before the detection of cancer using methods familiar to everyone.

Thanks to a huge amount of work and a wide variety of blood tests, specialists were able to detect markers that indicate early cancer development. With the results obtained, they were able to develop a special test. It should be noted that this test also quite accurately determined the absence of cancer in a person.

Kun Zhang says it would be ideal to have such a test every year during a medical examination. But at the moment it is worth checking in this way at least those people who are at risk. In this case, it is worth considering heredity and other factors that can affect the development of oncology.

This test is called Pan Seer. It allows you to determine the patterns of DNA methylation in the blood, which later cause mutations and become the cause of the development of oncological diseases.


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