Never put metal in the microwave

(ORDO NEWS) — The King of Random channel decided on a spectacular, albeit dangerous, experiment and fried metal appliances in the microwave.

Anyone who has a microwave at home knows that in no case should you put two things in it: raw eggs and dishes made of metal, or even just with metal ornaments.

In the first case, you will have to scrape off the pieces of an exploded egg from the walls for a good couple of hours, but in the second … Well, there was a volunteer who demonstrated the consequences of such an adventure.

The video clearly shows how sparks of hot plasma dance on a metal surface, sometimes burning melted holes even in a layer of metal.

Note that it is extremely dangerous to have fun in this way in life: sparks can melt the walls of the microwave itself, cause a short circuit and, ultimately, provoke a fire and a number of domestic fire-related injuries.

However, not all types of metals and alloys are equally susceptible to thermal effects, so if you accidentally send a plate with a spoon forgotten in it to the stove, everything can end well.


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