Neuroscientists told how to wake up correctly in the morning

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people today have incredibly active lifestyles and therefore stress, chronic fatigue and burnout are common problems. Neuropsychologists say that a person cannot perform many tasks at the same time. This indicates that many are testing themselves every day and are on the verge of their capabilities.

In order to harm your body as little as possible, you need to add a few good habits. Neuroscientists Patrick K. Porter and Kristen Willeumier talked about what exactly will help you wake up in the morning and prepare for further activity.

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Porter noted that waking up with an alarm clock is not worth it, because it negatively affects the nervous system. The brain receives an “alarm” signal and refuses to function properly. If you can’t wake up without an alarm clock, then you need to use only calm and quiet melodies.

Coffee should be replaced with plain water with a lemon wedge. Neuroscientists advise to first “hydrate” the body after it has been fasting for eight hours. A couple of glasses of water immediately after waking up will help to launch cognitive functions.

You need to approach as responsibly as possible for breakfast. Preference should be given to herbal products. It is very useful to eat fruits, oatmeal, vegetables, porridge with tofu, whole grain bread with a small amount of avocado in the morning. To strengthen the immune system, you need to add at least a spoonful of mushrooms.

Do not forget about sports. With even a few exercises, you can make your brain healthier and tune in to be productive all day long. It is advisable to walk at a moderate pace for at least 20 minutes in the morning, and also do some simple exercises to strengthen different muscle groups.

These simple tips will help you fully wake up and tune in to an active work day. At the same time, do not bring any harm to the body and make it only healthier and more resilient.


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