Neuroscientists have figured out how computer games improve brain function

(ORDO NEWS) — Gamers show increased brain activity as well as better decision-making skills compared to regular people. The Georgia State University study was published in the journal Neuroimage: Reports.

The study involved 47 students, 28 of whom were gamers, and 19 rarely played games. The subjects were placed in an MRI machine with a mirror that reflected a screen with moving dots.

Participants were asked to press a button in their right or left hand to indicate the direction in which the dots were moving.

It turned out that gamers reacted much faster and more accurately. An analysis of the obtained MRI results showed that the differences correlated with increased activity in certain parts of the brain.

According to the scientists, the results suggest that video games can be a useful tool for teaching the skill of quick decision-making based on visual perception.


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