Neuroscientist: smartphones cause digital dementia

(ORDO NEWS) — The constant use of phones can cause digital dementia, said Manfred Spitzer, a neuroscientist and head of the psychiatry department at the University of Ulm, a freelance expert at the Verba Mayr clinic.

Smartphones make life easier for us, but because of this, the load on the brain decreases. In the absence of proper workload, neural connections are destroyed and digital dementia sets in.

This disease is characterized by impaired ability to remember information and think critically. The expert clarified that telephones are especially dangerous for children and adolescents, because they interfere with the educational process.

“A quarter of those who watched TV for more than three hours a day failed to complete their school course, and only 10% of them have graduated. This means that digital devices interfere with reaching peak mental development and contribute to early dementia,” he said. specialist Gazeta.Ru.

To reduce the harm from technology, parents need to control the time their children spend on the Internet, Spitzer advised. According to him, regular digital detox – giving up all gadgets for a while – will restore brain function.


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