Neuroscientist explains near-death experiences

(ORDO NEWS) — Historical events so that people who experienced near-death experiences (OP), described them as something “blissful and pacifying.” Scientists, of course, want to figure out why this happens.

The famous American neurobiologist and director of the Allen Institute for the Study of the Brain Christoph Koch said that he has some ideas that can bring us closer to explaining the phenomenon of OP.

In an article for the science-fiction magazine Scientific American, Christoph Koch shared some studies that reveal what happens in a person’s brain when he senses an impending demise.

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It is known that the vast majority of people who survived the OP experienced the highest form of happiness. Many survivors described their experience as something spiritual, but Koch remains faithful to science.

“I accept that these experiences are real. It is as authentic as any other subjective feeling or perception in ordinary life. As a scientist, however, I operate on the fact that all our thoughts, memories and experiences are an inevitable consequence of the natural working capacity of our brain. There is no place for the supernatural, ”Koch wrote in the article.

Christoph Koch hypothesizes that the main cause of OP is the brain itself, which lacks oxygen.

Similar, but to a lesser extent, people experience during diving with holding their breath, while climbing, and even during autoasphyxophilia (erotic strangulation).

“Human consciousness depends on which neurons remain functional. At the time of the OP, the parts of the brain are disconnected one after another, and this “faulty mechanism” begins to give out various stories formed solely from human experience, memory and cultural education. A person is as if immersed in a world that fully meets his expectations. Therefore, it is so good and easy. There is harmony with oneself, ”concluded Christoph Koch.


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