Neurobiologist spoke about near-death experiences

(ORDO NEWS) — Repeatedly, people who experienced near-death experiences told about their feelings. They described this condition as something truly “blissful and even appeasing.” Scientists became interested in these stories and tried to understand this issue in more detail.

Popular American neurobiologist Christoph Kof said that he has several ideas regarding near-death experiences that can at least bring scientists closer to the solution to this incredible phenomenon. An article on this subject was published in the scientific journal Scientific American.

Christoph Koch in her talked about his latest research, with the help of which it was possible to establish some processes that begin to occur in the human brain when he senses that he will soon die.

It has been repeatedly stated that people who experienced near-death experiences described this condition as real happiness. Some people have claimed this to be something spiritual, but Koch still prefers to believe scientific facts.

He says that he believes that such experiences can be quite real, like other feelings in a person’s life. But at the same time, all thoughts and experiences are nothing more than a consequence of the work of the brain, therefore, in this situation, there can simply be nothing supernatural.

Christoph Koch said that the main cause of near-death experiences is the very brain of a person who, at this moment, is sorely lacking oxygen. Such sensations in a person can occur while swimming under water with a delayed breath or during mountain climbing, when a person is at a high altitude, where there is not enough air.

Human consciousness will depend on which particular neurons remain functional. Parts of the brain during OP will be switched off gradually and they become the cause of all sorts of sensations, which are based on real human experience.


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