Netizens were struck by a giant goat caught in the mountains in the video

(ORDO NEWS) — One interesting video made by a guy in the mountains is very actively spreading on the Internet. In the video, you can see a snow goat of a very impressive size and rather strange for such an animal physique.

According to Twitter users, where the video first appeared, the large artiodactyl looks more like a horse. They also remembered Dwayne Johnson in the animal kingdom. Not a single person even imagined that such creatures in the wild could look like this and reach such sizes.

One gets the impression that the snow goat is a bodybuilder: her body is too toned and large. Even if it is not a female, but a male, the animal still looks strange. The author of the video was clearly not exaggerating when he called the mountain goat massive. He even managed to talk to him. Surprisingly, the animal was calm.

An absolutely massive mountain goat from AbsoluteUnits

It is known that a strange creature lives in Glacier National Park in Montana. This was found out by users thanks to the hashtag on TikTok (the nickname of the video author is chasethebroski11).

People agree that purely outwardly, the animal should be a horse or a bull, but definitely not a goat. Jokes about exercise and diet began to appear in the comments.

As it turned out later, this type of goat is quite characteristic of a pumped-up look. Animals, although called snow goats, are not really one of them: they are a separate family. They are found in the mountainous regions of North America, they can reach 136 cm in height. In one jump, creatures can overcome three meters.


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