Netflix stopped work on Russian projects

(ORDO NEWS) — Foreign entertainment platforms and media companies continue to support sanctions against Russia. This time it was Netflix.

Russia is threatened not only by an economic crisis, but also by cultural isolation

The streaming service said it had stopped work on original Russian film projects. Recently, Netflix has been working on the series Anna K, Nothing Special, But.

In addition, from March 1, all resources included in the register of audiovisual services in Russia must be broadcast by 20 Russian federal channels.

The service declined to do so, commenting, “Given the current situation, we have no plans to add these channels to our service.”

What will happen next?

Netflix stopped work on Russian projects 2

Now many people are concerned about whether there will be a payment for the service in connection with the imposed sanctions.

The possibility is not ruled out that Netflix, like Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and The Walt Disney Company, will simply stop the service in Russia.


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