Neil Armstrong admitted some frames of moon landing were mounted

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The latest data on the Apollo 11 mission, presented by Neil Armstrong himself, literally shock the readers. The astronaut admitted that 800,000 NASA employees “could not keep a secret” the fact that in the “documentary” film of the landing on the moon, many frames were falsified.

The legendary astronaut who died in 2012 was the first person to set foot on the surface of the moon. It began on July 21, 1969, when he was appointed NASA mission commander. After him, Buzz Aldrin hit the lunar surface.


According to the Nile, when returning to Earth, an emergency occurred due to lack of fuel. But the possibility of manual control made it possible to rectify the situation. Astronauts successfully landed at the Tranquility base.

However, for many years this monumental achievement was overshadowed by allegations by conspiracy theorists that it was all fully mounted on the set.

Today, few people know that in 2011 Armstrong, who was then 81 years old, was in Australia, where he had a very interesting interview. Questions were asked by journalist Alex Malley:

“At the time of landing, we all watched a solemn moment. However, already at that time, people appeared who claimed that the landing on the moon never happened. Moreover, today, despite a lot of evidence, there are many people who are sure of this. What personally are you ready to answer?”

To which Armstrong replied that those who will visit the Moon in the future will explain everything:

“People love conspiracies. However, this never bothered me, because I know that one day someone will fly there and pick up the camera that I left. This will give them confidence. ”

However, journalist Mulli had some more questions:

“There is a version that 800,000 NASA employees could not keep secret that the material was shot in the studio. But Google Moon confirms the fact of your landing. To date, there is no evidence that the craters that we see, flags, objects are not pre-filmed material. How can you comment on this? ”

Armstrong’s answer was somewhat ambiguous:

“This video shows the trajectory of movement to the surface, the actual descent of the lunar module to the surface took 12 minutes and 32 seconds, and what we see is only the last three minutes.”

Unfortunately for the public, the astronaut did not share more detailed data, which gave rise to another wave of opinions about whether the Americans were actually on the moon. Many facts cast aside all doubts, but do not exclude the fact that a lot has really been shot in a special studio.


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