Neighboring planetary system may have suitable conditions for life

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have conducted a study of the planetary system, which is located at a distance of no more than 35 light-years from Earth. It contains exoplanets of the rocky type. 

In addition, in this planetary system there may be a planet suitable for life, which is located directly in the habitable zone. It may even have water on it.

The specialists used the Large Telescope from the European Southern Observatory, which was built in Chile. They studied those planets that are located in the immediate vicinity of the star L 98-59. 

This system is quite similar in structure to the solar system. Experts have discovered a planet that is half the size of Venus. Moreover, it can contain water and is located in an area suitable for living organisms.

It is worth noting that an incredible technical breakthrough was made, because the planet was fixed by using a special method of radial velocities. This method provides the ability to measure even the smallest gravitational attraction that occurs during the rotation of the planet around its star. 

In addition, the method allows you to determine the mass of an object. If you know the mass and size, then you can establish the density index and, accordingly, the composition of the exoplanet. A high density index indicates the rockiness of the object, and a low one indicates that the planet may be gaseous.

Experts note that other planets may be present in the studied planetary system, where life may exist. At the moment, the study is ongoing, and the latest study by astronomers was published in the scientific journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.


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