Nearly 1,500 dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands in a day

(ORDO NEWS) — The largest cetacean hunt took place in the Faroe Islands. In just a day, 1,428 dolphins were killed. There was a massacre in Skalafjordur Bay, where a traditional hunt called grindadrap takes place every year.

This is reported by Express.

Hunters used boats or jet skis to drive dolphins into shallow water and then kill them with a knife and harpoon. This tradition has arisen due to the fact that the locals are trying to stock up on enough meat before the cold weather sets in. In the same year, hunting is simply striking in its size.

The organization for the protection of nature Sea Shepherd posted photos of the killed animals, which shocked many. On them you can see not only dolphins, but also the sea, which was completely bloody next to the coast. Robert Read noted that this cetacean hunt has become the largest in history, not only on the islands, but around the world.

The specialist also added that many dolphins are dying due to injuries from boat propellers when trying to drive them into shallow water. This suggests that, in fact, the scale of such a hunt is much larger.

Grindadrap is a tradition that is allowed by the authorities in the Faroe Islands. In many other countries around the world, it is forbidden to hunt not only dolphins, but also whales.


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