Near Zone 51 came across a creepy creature with human hands

(ORDO NEWS) — In the area of ​​the American secret military base, a very strange creature was filmed, which managed to gain 2.9 million views. The video was recorded by a resident of the United States.

One video is spreading rapidly on the Internet, which demonstrates a somewhat eerie creation. An unknown animal of small size was distinguished by its paws: many found them to be similar to human hands.

The video itself appeared on the popular TikTok service, published by an American from the city of Boulder City. Almost nothing is known about the animal itself and the circumstances of its shooting. The Daily Star only found out that the creature ran in the vicinity of “Zone 51”.

This point is known as a military base on which experiments are allegedly carried out on aliens and animals. Perhaps the creature in the video was the result of some experiments.

The authorities, it is worth noting, are constantly repeating that no experiments are being carried out in “Zone 51”. This is a standard military base, around which divorced many conspiracy theories.

Outwardly seen creation resembles a lizard, but some kind of non-standard. The long limbs of the animal were confused by users: they seemed to be stretched. In just a week, 2.9 million people watched the video, it gained 590 thousand likes. Users began to guess in the comments about the creature’s origin. Some even decided that the video is a toy.


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