Nazi treasure hunters discover ‘anomaly’ underground

(ORDO NEWS) — Treasure hunters have found a metal canister that could contain hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Nazi-looted valuables.

During World War II, the Nazis looted all sorts of treasures all over Europe. Researchers believe that one particular treasure, which was stolen on the orders of Heinrich Himmler, was hidden somewhere in Poland, to be used later to create the Fourth Reich.

The treasure is believed to contain about $250,000 worth of valuables, including the Breslau Gold, which was stolen from a police headquarters near Wroclaw in Poland.

Now a group of treasure hunters believe they may have discovered this long-lost treasure beneath an abandoned 18th-century palace in the Polish village of Minkowski.

Using a special radar, the team identified what appeared to be a 5-foot metal canister buried 3 meters underground – in the very spot where, according to recovered Nazi documents, the treasure was collected.

According to Roman Furmaniak of the Silesian Bridge Foundation, the scan revealed “anomalies” at the site.

“The first study we did showed unnatural distortion on one side,” he said.

“We made a second probe and got the same result from the other side.

The third probe “knocked” on the object. Shapes and colors show anomalies, in other words, human intervention in the earth.

Metal has a different density than earth and this is shown as a darker color in the images.”

If the team does manage to confirm the rumors about the treasure, it’s definitely in the history books.


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