Nazi encryption machines found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists researching the Baltic Sea have discovered six vehicles used by the Nazis during World War II.

Most likely these machines were thrown overboard into the sea in a panic. Enigma machines were used by the German navy during the war. With their help, they sent encrypted messages that no one could read except the addressee.

The devices had three special rotors that encrypted messages and then sent them using Morse code to a machine that had exactly the same settings.

The State Archaeological Office of Germany provided information that a batch of such machines was found by specialists near the island of Schleimünde. Most likely, the soldiers threw the cars overboard when the enemy approached them. The machines were discovered by Christian Hüttner.

It is worth noting that during the war the Nazis created about 100,000 such devices, but to date, no more than 4,000 have been discovered. They are found in different regions and are trying to figure out the settings. But the cars are made of such high quality that it is not so easy to understand them.


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