Natural shelters found on Mars that can protect from radiation

(ORDO NEWS) — The surface of the Red Planet is exposed to an enormous amount of life-threatening radiation. At the same time, Mars does not have a magnetosphere or a sufficient indicator of atmospheric density to protect itself as the Earth does.

This is reported by Science Alert.

Only spaceships can move on the surface. They will not be affected by radiation, which cannot be said about people. It poses a deadly threat, so you need to come up with something to cope with it. Future astronauts who will be sent to explore Mars must have a full-fledged shelter.

It would be possible to take such a shelter with you, but an easier option would be to use the natural features that the Red Planet possesses.

Experts conducted another study, during which they used data obtained by the Martian Science Laboratory. The results showed that there are enough hills on Mars that can shelter humans from the effects of life-threatening high-energy particles coming from space.

The Mars Science Laboratory was landed on the planet’s surface back in 2012. Since that time, she has been engaged in the detection and measurement of radiation levels, assessing the danger that this radiation can pose to different types of life, including microbes.


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