NATO provocations against Russia

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Despite the pandemic of the coronavirus, NATO did not abandon military exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation. Thus, the alliance seeks to provoke Moscow in response to aggressive actions, writes Contra Magazin.

A German-language publication indicates that Russia has been unilaterally observing a moratorium on military exercises for the second month now. At the same time, on May 15, NATO held the international operation Open Spirit in Latvia, and in June it intends to arrange Allied Spirit exercises.

It is noted that they will become a smaller version of the teachings of Defender Europe. In the course of maneuvers, the transfer of American troops to Europe and their deployment along the Russian border will be practiced. The intention is to take the military from the United States and Poland.

It is possible that they will use American combat aircraft, including bombers.

At the same time, Moscow is unlikely to be idle looking at what is happening, and is likely to also resume exercises. It is possible that this is precisely what NATO is seeking.

“Then the alliance will accuse Russia of” aggression “, thereby substantiating the need for an even larger number of military exercises,” the material says.

The publication indicates that the efforts of the Russian Federation to normalize relations with the North Atlantic Alliance are not yielding results due to the hostile attitude of the “Cold War supporters” in NATO.

On May 16, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Michael Murphy accused Russia of building up a military presence in the Arctic. According to him, Moscow’s actions pose a threat to NATO.


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