NASA’s ShadowCam tool reveals the mystery of a lunar crater

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(ORDO NEWS) — Areas permanently shadowed on the Moon are difficult to photograph in detail.

However, with the help of NASA‘s ShadowCam, these places can now also be explored, because the camera is able to see through the darkness of the moon.

The instrument was developed by Arizona State University (ASU).

The NASA instrument is on board the South Korean spacecraft Danuri, which entered lunar orbit last December. The camera will be used to search for evidence of icy deposits on the Moon.

The instrument is also being used to observe seasonal changes and study the terrain inside Shackleton Crater.

It is located near the south pole of the moon. On Monday, January 9, ASU released the first ShadowCam lunar image showing the interior of the crater.

According to ASU geologist Mark Robinson, the top of the image shows the base of the sheer cliff, while the rest shows the bottom of the crater.

A narrow path, stretching from top to bottom, was left by a rolling boulder. It has a diameter of about 5 meters. Such footprints can be found all over the Moon.

NASA is exploring the polar region for the manned landing of the Artemis 3 mission.

The South Pole is of particular interest because of its icy deposits. Water is necessary not only for drinking astronauts, but, possibly, for the production of rocket fuel.


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