NASA’s self-driving rover Perseverance breaks records

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA’s Perseverance rover uses its self-driving capabilities as it travels through Lake Jezero Crater looking for signs of ancient life and collecting rock and soil samples for a planned return to Earth.

With the help of special 3D glasses, rover drivers on Earth plan routes with specific stops, but increasingly they let the rover “take the wheel” and independently choose the route as it gets to these stops.

Perseverance’s automatic navigation system, known as AutoNav, maps the area ahead in 3D, identifies hazards, and plans a route around any obstacles without further guidance from controllers on the ground.

The rover can now navigate these more difficult terrains, helping Perseverance achieve its science goals and break driving records.

The rover travels from the area near the landing site, “Octavia E. Butler Landing”, to the area where the ancient river entered the reservoir and deposited precipitation – known as the delta.


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