NASA’s old satellite returns to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The satellite of the American space agency Earth Radiation Satellite (ERBS), which has worked in Earth orbit since 1984, returned to Earth on the night of January 8-9.

According to the US Department of Defense, a satellite weighing 2,450 kilograms burned up in the atmosphere over the Bering Sea.

However, the South Korean Ministry of Science has said that the unburned fragments of the ERBE satellite may fall to Earth near the Korean Peninsula in the near future.

Let me remind you that the ERBS satellite spent as much as 38 years in space and was launched into Earth orbit by the tragically famous Space Shuttle Challenger (a reusable transport spacecraft that, during its tenth flight in January 1986, collapsed 73 seconds after launch, as a result of which the crew of seven was killed).

The satellite successfully operated for 21 years, although it was originally designed for only two years of research.

He studied the radiation balance of our planet and, according to NASA, “made a significant contribution to the science of climate and weather.”


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