NASA’s newest X-ray telescope goes into orbit

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA’s newest X-ray telescope goes into orbit

NASA’s newest X-ray observatory was launched into orbit this past Thursday to begin observing exploding stars, black holes and other high-energy events unfolding in the universe.

SpaceX launched this space mission with a budget of approximately USD 188 million from the Kennedy Space Center launch site. It is called the Imaging X-ray Polarization Explorer (IXPE).

Scientists said that this observatory – actually three telescopes in one – will allow observing the most spectacular and extreme corners of the universe with a whole new level of detail.

“The IXPE mission will open a new window to the X-ray sky,” said Brian Ramsey, deputy mission project manager at NASA, this week.

Scientific operations for this mission will begin next month. NASA’s partner on this project is the Italian Space Agency.


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