NASA’s New Space Telescope ‘OK’ After Recent Issues Tackle

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA’s new space telescope is preparing to complete the most risky part of the mission – deploying and pulling on a giant solar shield – after the mission’s ground crew has cleared up a couple of issues, the space agency said yesterday, Monday.

Space Telescope James Webb’s sunscreen is now fully extended and in tension. This operation is scheduled to be completed by Wednesday.

The $ 10 billion telescope – the largest and most powerful astronomical observatory ever launched into space – launched on December 25 from the launch site in French Guiana aboard the European Ariane rocket when folded.

The solar screen plays a key role for the observatory, as it allows infrared observation instruments to be kept at sub-zero temperatures, while the observatory will observe the first stars and galaxies in the universe, as well as scan the atmospheres of other planets in search of possible traces of life.

The unveiling of the sun screen last Friday was a great achievement for the team. All 107 quick release pins worked effectively.

But there were also several problems.

The dispatchers had to reconfigure Webb’s solar panels to provide more power. At the same time, the observatory was not in danger of being left without electricity for a minute, members of the mission team said.

The telescope also had to be redirected to limit the amount of sunlight falling on the six overheating motors. The motors have been cooled to low enough temperatures to now begin pinning the shield, a three-day procedure that can be paused if the problem reoccurs, the team explained.

“The telescope is fine, all systems are working as expected,” said Amy Lo, chief engineer of the main contractor, Northrop Grumman aerospace corporation.


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