NASA’s moon rocket is threatened by a new storm

(ORDO NEWS) — The start of the long-awaited expedition “Artemis I” to the Moon was again in jeopardy.

The SLS rocket, due to launch into space on November 14 from the NASA launch pad in Florida, is again threatened by bad weather.

A powerful storm called “Nicole” is approaching the United States, which can bring with it strong gusts of wind.

Nicole is a tropical storm today that is likely to become a hurricane as it approaches the coast of Florida.

Despite the fact that the rocket, while on the launch site, is able to withstand wind gusts of up to 38 meters per second, it is possible that NASA executives will not dare to leave the expensive mega-rocket on the launch pad in order to once again test the technical characteristics of the SLS in practice.

Perhaps, as was the case with the previous Hurricane Ian that hit the coast of Florida a few months ago, NASA’s lunar rocket will soon return to the assembly shop.


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