NASA’s InSight Mars lander has only a few weeks left to function

(ORDO NEWS) — After three and a half years on Mars , the InSight lander’s days are numbered. At one time, he recorded the strongest marsquake of all time and mapped the internal structure of the Red Planet.

As announced by NASA, the module will complete its mission in the next few weeks. According to the US space agency, it will be used until it finally runs out of energy.

Sandstorms hit InSight

NASA announced this InSight mission schedule back in May, after the lander had problems with sandstorms.

Martian dust gradually settles on its solar panels. The cells must actually provide the vehicle with the required energy.

Of the 5,000 watt-hours that InSight was able to produce when it arrived on a Martian day (sol), the lander was now generating less than 20%, according to NASA.

Data collection

“We bring the case to a victorious end,” says researcher Liz Barrett. No action will be taken to restore communication with InSight.

A mission-saving event, such as a strong gust of wind clearing the panels, cannot be ruled out but is unlikely.”

More than three years on the Red Planet

InSight reached Mars on November 26, 2018. He mainly explored the interior of the planet. The data helped scientists accurately estimate the thickness of the Martian crust and the size of the Martian core.


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