NASA will release a perfume with the scent of space

(ORDO NEWS) — On a crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter launched a campaign to raise funds for the spirits of Eau de Space. Based on the recollections of astronauts, perfumers created the “same” scent of space.

To prepare astronauts for any surprises in orbit, NASA (United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration) simulates space for them during training. In 2008, the agency signed a contract with Steve Pearce, a chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients , to create the “smell of space” based on the recollections of astronauts. They described it as a mixture of ozone, gunpowder, fried meat, raspberries and rum. The aroma was needed to let them get used to a specific smell in orbit.

“It’s like the smell of a gun right after a shot,” said Peggy Whitson, former commander of the International Space Station , in a 2002 CNN interview . “I think it’s smoky, burnt, and a little bitter.”

For a long time, NASA kept the fragrance formula secret, but now Omega Ingredients makes it accessible to everyone. “Thanks to determination, endurance, luck and the Law on Freedom of Information (FOIA), we got it [smell],” the project page says. The company collaborates with the best perfumers and specialists in the field of fashion, technology, design and logistics.

It was originally planned to raise $ 1,969, but already received $ 240,000, and this figure is constantly growing. The first batch will be available in October for those who pre-ordered. Eau de Space is the first project of the creators, but, according to CNN , the team is already preparing the second – the “moon” fragrance Smell of the Moon.


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