NASA warns US coastal cities 15 years from now will be uninhabitable due to floods

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(ORDO NEWS) — For many coastal cities in the United States, the regular floods that occur during high tides have become commonplace. NOAA has released data that more than 600 floods were recorded in 2019 alone. Already from the middle of 2030, about 15 years later, it will be impossible to live normally in these cities. This will be caused not only by regular floods, but also by a significant rise in sea levels. Similar conclusions were made taking into account astronomical as well as oceanic reasons that can influence the frequency and extent of flooding.

This is reported by NASA.

Experts conducted a study that showed that tides will become more frequent due to rising sea levels. Several floods can occur during the month. These indicators will also be influenced by the position in which the Sun, Moon and Earth are. In the event that they all line up in a certain way, then the gravitational attraction will provoke floods every couple of days, if not more often.

Bill Nelson noted that coastal cities are most at risk. The situation will only get worse every year, so now we need to take some measures. The gravitational pull of our satellite, climate change, sea level rise and other factors only aggravate the situation.

Phil Thompson added that too frequent flooding will lead to the closure of many companies, people will be left without work. The problem will also affect the discharge of cesspools. Due to the fact that it will be extremely difficult to do this, many local residents may begin to have health problems.


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