NASA warned that an asteroid 44 meters in diameter is approaching Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — NASA warned that an asteroid called 2020 DA4 is approaching Earth at great speed. It can crash into our planet in April and today the asteroid moves in a very dangerous orbit, which occasionally crosses the course of the Earth.

The diameter of the asteroid reaches 44 meters, and its speed is almost 32 thousand kilometers per hour.

An asteroid flies around the Sun and sometimes it crosses the Earth’s orbit as a result of moving around a sufficiently large star.

Asteroid will fly near our planet on April 29, if its speed does not change. This cosmic body was first noticed on February 27. The trajectories of its motion were studied by specialists immediately after the discovery of the cosmic body.

The agency also reported that the asteroid would not appear next to our planet until May 22, 2022.

In the event that an asteroid collides with a planet, then it burns out in the atmosphere, while exploding quite strongly. If we take into account the speed of the asteroid and its size, then the cosmic body can be compared with several atomic bombs.

At the same time, astronomers warned that even an echo of an explosion directed towards the Earth is enough to break the windows of houses or even injure people.


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