NASA told about planets with glass rain and radiation

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA has launched a Halloween -themed website . In it, the agency talks about the most terrible and creepy objects in the universe.

To get to the Halloween service, follow the link. There you will find 6 tabs. Each tells about deadly or dangerous phenomena that actually occur in space.

Clicking on the tab will take you to the digital planetarium and will be able to see a model of the planet in question.

The most terrible space objects according to NASA:

  • HD 189733b is an exoplanet that lies 64 light years from Earth. On this planet it rains glass at a speed of 2 km/s. If a person gets there, he will immediately die from cuts
  • HD 209458b is an exoplanet that will skin you and turn you into a skeleton. This planet flies too close to its star, which is why there are abnormally high temperatures
  • Hat-P-11 b is a planet that will turn you into Frankenstein. There are endless storms on it, and every visitor will definitely receive a lightning bolt
  • Trappist-1 b is a perfect planet for werewolves. It is surrounded by several bright satellites at once. Every day on the planet you can observe the full moon
  • YZ Cedi d is a planet that would be perfect for Dracula. It has an unusual atmosphere, due to which the sky is constantly blood red
  • PSR B1257+12 b is a pulsar planet whose core is constantly emitting powerful radiation. If people lived there, they would definitely turn into zombies
  • Proxima Centauri b is a planet that will turn you into a mummy. The entire surface of this planet is a huge hot desert. Also, this object revolves around its star at a tremendous speed (turn in 11.2 days)


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