NASA tests prototype aerobot to explore Venus

(ORDO NEWS) — Representatives of the Near Space company, together with engineers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), successfully tested a prototype robotic balloon (aerobot).

In the future, according to the plans of the American space agency, such a device can be used to study the atmosphere of the second planet from the Sun.

Engineers conducted two tests of the prototype, which took place in the Nevada desert.

During the tests, the prototype climbed to a height of 1200 meters (the temperature and pressure at this point are similar to the temperature and pressure at an altitude of 55 kilometers above the surface of Venus, where the airbot will be used).

The project involves the creation of a “double” balloon with a diameter of 12 meters, which will consist of a rigid inner tank filled with high-pressure helium and a sealed outer balloon that can expand and contract.


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