NASA still can’t find a “hole” on the ISS

(ORDO NEWS) — The International Space Station (ISS) has a “hole” through which air is escaping, and NASA still cannot find it.

The situation is not as dire as it might seem. In fact, the leak was first discovered almost a year ago, but searches have been delayed for a long time.

NASA says a small air leak from the ISS requires periodic refueling from nitrogen cylinders that are delivered to the station during cargo delivery missions.

On August 20, NASA released information on an ongoing search for a small air leak. All three of the current crew members, which is very important, are safely located in the Russian segment of the station. The situation had not changed by 24 August.

Looking for a leak

September has arrived, and NASA has yet to find the source of the leak. NASA spokesman Daniel Huot added that the team on site is helping to collect data.

“The leak rate is still stable and well below the station’s design specifications, which poses no threat to the crew and vehicles,” Huot said.

NASA promises that the leak will be repaired “in the coming days”.


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