NASA signs contract with Boeing to build stages for SLS rockets

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA has awarded Boeing an estimated $3.2 billion contract to continue manufacturing the main and upper stages for future Artemis Space Launch System rockets.

Under the stage manufacturing contract, Boeing will fabricate the SLS main stages for the Artemis III-IV, prepare critical and durable materials for the main stages for the Artemis V and VI, provide the EUS upper stages for the Artemis V and VI, and provide related support and engineering. services.

In October 2019, NASA provided initial funding and work approval for Artemis III, and targeted long-life materials and cost-effective bulk purchases.

The conclusion of this contract extends production activities and preparations for future work until July 2028.

As part of the contract, NASA may order up to a total of 10 main stages and eight upper stages to support future deep space exploration missions.

NASA is streamlining its manufacturing capacity as Boeing will use the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to do some of the assembly and outfitting of the main stages, starting with the Artemis III rocket.

In tandem, the teams will continue all core manufacturing activities at NASA’s Michoud assembly facility in New Orleans.


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