NASA shows 9 storms on Jupiter in infrared light

(ORDO NEWS) — The picture was taken by the space probe Juno during its flight over the planet’s North Pole.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) posted on Instagram an image of cyclones near Jupiter’s North Pole.

The agency accompanied the photo with the caption: “The floor is lava … Oh wait, this is just an infrared image of Jupiter’s North Pole.” In response, social media users compared the image of the planet with pepperoni pizza.

The image shows a giant octagonal structure of nine storms, the largest of which is in the center. Such systems from storms arise regularly in the atmosphere of Jupiter and can maintain a relatively stable structure for years.

Last year, NASA showed a similar structure at the South Pole of the largest planet in the solar system. Scientists will continue to monitor storms. They expect to get more data on the physics of the movement of fluids and the processes taking place in the atmosphere of the giant planet.

Researchers are pinning particular hopes on the James Webb Space Telescope, which is due to be launched into low-Earth orbit in 2021. “The @NASAWebb data will provide much more detail than has been possible in past observations, including measurements of wind, cloud particles, gas composition and temperature,” NASA said in a statement.


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