NASA showed the extent of the melting of glaciers in Antarctica

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — NASA, based on satellite data, has shown the magnitude of the global climate catastrophe associated with melting ice in Antarctica.

The video was created using the data of the ICESat-2 satellite, which for several years using a laser measured the height of the ice in western Antarctica.

The frames show how the ice surface has changed over the past 16 years.

It turned out that the melting of glaciers led to an increase in sea level by 14 mm. This is almost a third of the total level of water rise in the oceans for the indicated period.

Scientists have indicated that about 120 gigatons of ice are melting annually in Antarctica due to climate change, and about 200 gigatons in Greenland.

On April 11, an international group of scientists told who would be the first victims of a climate catastrophe. According to experts, with a negative development of events, the ecosystem of the ocean will collapse in the current decade, and in the 2040s, the disaster will also affect land inhabitants.


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