NASA showed how astronauts are preparing for the flight to the South Pole of the Moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Preparations for the implementation of the NASA Artemis program , in which the United States must deliver astronauts to the South Pole of the Moon , are in full swing.

The official Twitter account for the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston shared a brief overview of the training, posting a photo of astronauts training at the bottom of a dark, neutrally buoyant pool that mimics lunar conditions.

A related NASA press release said divers from the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) were setting the stage for future training by simulating the lighting conditions at the Moon’s South Pole.

“At the Moon’s South Pole, the Sun will be only a few degrees above the horizon, resulting in extremely long and dark shadows,” NASA said in a statement.

“In order to prepare astronauts for these challenging lighting conditions, the NBL team began a preliminary evaluation of moonlight solutions at the bottom of a 40-foot [12.2-meter] deep pool.”

Testing included turning off all lights in the facility, lining the walls of the pool with a light-tight coating to minimize reflections, and using an underwater cinematic lamp to recreate the conditions before an upcoming astronaut training session.

NASA will return Americans to the moon

NASA’s official Artemis Twitter account describes the upcoming mission as “the next giant leap,” and they’re right. New flights to the Moon could boost the economy, and any preparations made could create new jobs. In addition, a long-forgotten craving for space and discoveries can return to people.

The ultimate goal of the Artemis program is to provide the first ever long-term human presence on an earth satellite. We are delighted with what NASA is doing and what success the agency has already achieved.


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