NASA scientists have found a crater on Mars from a recent impact

(ORDO NEWS) — The HiRISE high-resolution camera, installed on board the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, recorded a relatively recent impact site of an asteroid or a large meteorite on the surface of Mars, according to the American portal HiRISE Operations Center of the University of Arizona.

The collision, which is completely new from a cosmic point of view, likely occurred between February 2006 and March 2014, the University of Arizona imaging team said. The site in the picture is about 5 km. Around the crater formed as a result of this fall, ray structures consisting of ejected material are clearly visible.

Almost the entire surface of Mars is covered with craters. NASA estimates that there are more than a quarter of a million impact craters on the planet the size of Arizona’s Barringer crater, which is 1,219 meters in diameter and 229 meters deep. And there are more than 43,000 Martian craters over 5 kilometers across.

Meanwhile, only about 120 impact craters are known on Earth. This is due to the fact that over hundreds of millions of years, various parts of the earth’s surface were either covered with lava at a certain moment, or experienced tectonic shifts, or were exposed to erosion by water and air elements.

Mars is not completely dead from a geological point of view – there are often marsquakes there – but Martian activity can not be compared with Earth. At present, there is essentially nothing on Mars that can hide new craters. Thus, this fresh Martian impact crater will be visible for many millions of years.


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