NASA says Voyagers will be fully discharged by 2025

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA ‘s Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft , launched in 1977, have gone further than any other man-made object in human history, but NASA has said the probes are running out of power.

The end of the Voyager program has been talked about for a long time, but according to a report from Scientific American , this time it seems we will really say goodbye to the legendary probes for good.

“We [Voyager] are 44 and a half years old,” Johns Hopkins University physicist Ralph McNutt told Scientific American. “So we’ve got 10 times the lifespan of these damn things.”

Great Voyagers
The Voyagers are expected to run out of power by 2025, but until then, NASA will continue to turn off various functions of the vehicles to maximize their lifespan. The Voyager program has made a giant contribution to world science, so there is no doubt that NASA will decide to say goodbye to their offspring in some special way.

Despite the end of the program, the devices will leave us a legacy of gigantic data sets that scientists from all over the world will study for many years to come. Maybe decades later, on the basis of the as yet unexplored Voyager data, an epoch-making discovery will be made.

It is worth noting that turning off the devices does not mean their elimination, so the Voyagers will continue their silent journey through the Milky Way.


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