NASA says SLS booster passed fuel system tests

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA said testing of the fuel system for the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on September 21 was successful.

“We were able to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves,” said Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, director of the Artemis I program.

The unmanned mission will test the SLS launch vehicle and the Orion capsule in preparation for future crewed missions to the Moon.

The last attempt to launch the SLS, which was carried out in early September, was aborted due to a leak that formed during the refueling of the rocket.

Repair work was carried out, and on Wednesday during the test, these tanks were refilled.

Although a hydrogen leak was discovered during the test, NASA engineers were able to bring it under control.

NASA said last week that the next launch attempt is possible on September 27th. October 2 was set as a backup date.

“Teams will evaluate test results, as well as weather and other factors, before confirming readiness for the next launch,” NASA said.

US officials are also keeping a close eye on the trajectory of Hurricane Fiona off the Atlantic coast.

In order for the launch to take place on September 27, NASA must obtain permission not to retest the batteries of the detonation system used to destroy the rocket if it deviates uncontrollably.


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