NASA says a 500-meter asteroid is approaching Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA specialists are closely monitoring the asteroid, which reaches almost 500 meters in diameter. They warned that the space object will fly past our planet at a distance of more than 11 times from the Moon as early as next month.

Asteroid 2000 WO107 will soon fly safely past the Earth. The object will be closest to our planet on November 29 early in the morning. At the same time, the distance between the asteroid and the Earth will be quite safe, so there is no cause for concern, according to scientists. It should be noted that the space stone cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Only the owners of modern telescope models have chances to spot the asteroid. At the same time, the devices must be quite fast, because the space stone moves at a tremendous speed, which reaches 90 thousand kilometers per hour.

Astronomers are interested in asteroid 2000 WO107 due to its enormous size. The object makes a circle around the Sun in 318 days and has about the same orbit as our planet. Recent studies have shown that from time to time the asteroid approaches not only the Earth, but also Venus, Mars and Mercury.

During the flight of the space stone, astronomers plan to take readings, as well as analyze the radar signals that will be reflected from the rocky surface. Most of the observations will be carried out directly in space at the California Goldstone communications complex.

With the help of this study, it will be possible to obtain information about the shape of the asteroid and even about its composition. Experts said that the asteroid can be both metallic and optically dark rock. This means that fixing it in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum will be extremely problematic.


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