NASA rover recorded sounds of deep space

(ORDO NEWS) — The space agency has released a 60-second audio recording that the Perseverance rover recorded during a flight in space.

Perseverance was the first rover to have a microphone for recording ambient sounds. NASA decided to test its work in outer space during the flight of the device to Mars.

From this came a 60-second snippet, from which you should not expect anything unusual. In it you can hear a subtle monotonous noise:

Everyone knows from movies that the vacuum of space is the worst environment for any sound. Therefore, scenes in space are usually shown in complete silence, but in reality everything is a little different. The rover’s microphone in open space picks up sound waves that travel through the hull of the rover and its spacecraft.

NASA likens this to the noise heard in wired headphones when the wire rubs against clothing. It was these mechanical vibrations that the Perseverance microphone picked up.


The new Perseverance rover is due to land on Mars on February 18, 2021 in the Jezero crater – it is believed that the riverbed used to pass through this area. This is one of those places where traces of living organisms on the planet could be preserved.

The main mission of the rover is to detect traces of signs of life and study the history of the planet billions of years ago. The device will also become part of a mission to deliver samples from the surface of Mars: it will dig up rock at certain points, and then another device will pick up the samples, which will send them to Earth.


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