NASA received funding for the program to send a man to the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — If a new Congressional spending bill is signed, it will finally provide full funding for some of NASA‘s big projects that have been underfunded over the past few years. In particular, NASA’s programs to develop a new “manned lunar spacecraft.”

NASA could receive just over $24 billion for 2022 under a new bill that will be funded by the US government in fiscal 2022.

While the Congressional plan will not fully satisfy the president’s budget request, there are several projects that House and Senate lawmakers agree to fund in full. The bill will provide NASA’s moon landing system with all of the $1.195 billion that was requested.

NASA is currently developing a new system for landing a man on the moon as part of the Artemis program, an initiative to send the first woman and the first colored person to the moon.

Previously, Congress had demonstrated its reluctance to provide NASA with the money it requested for a lunar lander. Only $850 million of the requested $3.4 billion has been allocated for 2021.


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