NASA may cancel mission to asteroid Psyche

(ORDO NEWS) — Psyche is a resource-laden 226 km metallic asteroid that lies in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The cost of all the resources concentrated in this relatively small cosmic body is about 10 quintillion dollars.

In 2017, NASA announced that it plans to send the Psyche spacecraft to Psyche, the launch of which was supposed to take place in the summer of 2022, but… it did not take place.

The Psyche mission was touted as an incredible opportunity to explore a world very different from our own, and the event NASA hoped would give us some clues about the origin of the universe.

But now it looks like the entire Psyche effort may fail, as a new NASA report says the mission is under review and could eventually be cancelled.

NASA Uncertainty

The space agency says the revision is needed to examine “design and institutional issues” that led to the launch delay of the spacecraft. Probably the key difficulties are related to the software .

“The results of this study will help inform the continuation / termination of the mission,” NASA said in a statement.

Getting to Psyche is not an easy task. As planned by NASA, the spacecraft, launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, was supposed to perform a gravity maneuver near Mars, and then go on a three-year journey to the target. In orbit of Psyche, the probe was supposed to work for at least 21 months.

A lot of money has already been invested in the project, and the potential delay/cancellation of the mission comes amid other problems related to NASA’s Artemis lunar program. It’s fair to assume that the agency is finding it increasingly difficult to handle so many ambitious projects.


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