NASA makes progress in upgrading space tracking network

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — NASA‘s modernization program for its vintage 1980s ground-based tracking network is making progress after many years of budget delays and cost overruns, although problems remain, according to a new assessment by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The Supporting Terrestrial Space Network Segment (SGSS) project is currently working on a final project completion date in June 2021. It will be almost 4 years after the date agreed by NASA as the date for completion of the project set in 2013. But still, there are risks that the completion of the project by this date will be impossible, ”the GAO said in its assessment.

“The SGSS project is considered the most significant, since 95% of the engineering work is completed, but the project had to be postponed due to problems related to system stability, software defect and restriction on antenna pointing,” the official document says.

The program continues to work with the budget set in February 2019, which increased by 127 percent compared to the base level of costs established for the project in 2013.


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