NASA is seriously interested in aliens and UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA has a new leader, former Florida Senator Bill Nelson. It was under his leadership that NASA became actively interested in UFOs and alien life forms. In an interview with the American TV channel, Bill said that the pilots of the US Navy in recent years have seen a large number of UFOs in the sky. Mexico, USA, Canada – signals about aliens come from all over the world.

Reported by CNN.

Bill Nelson stated that it is not known for certain whether aliens have visited Earth or not, whether they have an enemy attitude towards earthlings or friendly. It is impossible to answer exactly how prepared earthlings are for conflicts with alien beings. In the near future I would like to receive answers to all these questions.

A new intelligence report prepared for the US government examines 120 incidents that are directly related to anomalous phenomena over the past 20 years. All cases have nothing to do with American technology.

Earlier in May, a US Navy ship detected unidentified flying objects on radar. The military witnessed 15 UFOs, then they could not be recognized. According to Bill, there have been a lot of such meetings in recent years.


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