NASA is looking for a way to destroy the International Space Station

(ORDO NEWS) — To date, there is no information as to when the ISS will stop working, but NASA officials have already begun to prepare a plan to destroy it. 

In 2019, a statement was made that the structure weighing 450 tons will be sent into the Earth’s atmosphere using two Progress spacecraft, which are owned by Russia. There it will become a huge, flaming ball. It is reported by

Some time ago, Russia confirmed that it plans to leave the ISS as early as 2025. Despite the fact that the destruction plan has already been adopted by NASA, any specific decision has not yet been announced. NASA is currently in active negotiations with its partners to finally decide on a way to disable the ISS.

The International Space Station, which was assembled in the planet’s orbit back in 1998, has a short lifespan. Only 30 years old. This suggests that it should stop working after a maximum of 7 years.

The plan, in which the Progress spacecraft is taking part, was proposed 11 years ago. 

NASA has recommended improvements to the ship in order for it to cope with the task. In order to send the ISS into the atmosphere of our planet, it may take about 9 tons of rocket fuel. After a very unpleasant incident that happened with the Russian module “Science”, NASA representatives doubt that the previously approved plan will be able to bring the desired result.


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