NASA is considering a manned expedition to Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The Artemis program, which involves the return of a man to the moon, will also be used to develop technologies that NASA plans to apply to the conquest of Mars.

A new video released by the agency provides some details of the first Mars mission concept. But there is no specific timeline or cost of the project yet.

All mission technologies and elements will be tested on the Moon (orbital station, lander/takeoff module, kilopower compact nuclear power plant, local production technologies from local materials, etc.).

Then, two missions will deliver 25 tons of payload and a takeoff stage to the proposed landing site on Mars. Then a manned expedition will go there.

Its crew will consist of four people, two of whom will land on the surface of Mars and spend 30 days there in a manned pressurized rover.

Everything looks and sounds very optimistic, but how it will be in practice is unknown, because today even the Artemis program is very stalled.


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