NASA hired priests to answer one question

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA is a well-known scientific organization, but recently it has become clear that it is also interested in various kinds of religious issues. The agency employs 23 priests who had to answer an incredibly important question. NASA sponsored a special program in 2016-2017. It took place at the Center for Theological Studies at Princeton University.

Why does the space agency need priests?

  • The project was named The Societal Implications of Astrobiology.
  • The main goal of the program was that experts investigated the reaction of any major global religion to a situation when aliens might arrive on our planet.
  • Throughout the year, the priests studied those features that could arise when meeting with another civilization and tried to guess what exactly the reaction of a believer would be in this or that case.
  • As a result of the research, a scientific work has been published that shows the connection that has arisen between astrobiology, as well as Christian theology.
  • The Rev. Dr. Andrew Davison of the University of Cambridge is the author of this scholarly work. He said that if in the future it is possible to find aliens, then in this case, believers will try to find answers to the questions that have arisen directly in their religion.

To date, some important details about this project have not yet been published. A book written by Davidson is slated for release in 2022. In it, he is going to tell absolutely everything that concerns the work he has done earlier.

The main question regarding the reaction of believers to extraterrestrial civilization consisted of a huge number of small questions. For example, whether it will be necessary to revise the theory of the origin of the world, as well as the fact that man was created in the image of God.

Do aliens have a soul if they turn out to be intelligent beings? Do they have their own religion? Do they believe in the existence of the afterlife? These are only a small part of the questions that the priests considered in the framework of the project.

Theologians emphasize that most believers are intelligent people, so they saw absolutely no problem in the discovery of extraterrestrial life. They will also be able, if necessary, without much difficulty, even establish close contact with aliens.

Earlier, Planet News wrote that NASA told what Mars looked like a billion years ago. NASA specialists conducted a study and found that a very long time ago, in fact, the Red Planet was much warmer, so life could well exist on it. In addition, lakes and oceans were abundant on the surface of Mars.

Long evolution has led to the fact that the planet has just such an appearance today. Literally a billion years ago, Mars was not at all like that and all the conditions necessary for life were present on it, reminiscent of those on Earth. A similar statement was made by Dr. Becky McCawley.

At the same time, the scientist noted that there was water on Mars, and today, after the ancient lakes, only numerous craters remain. The air temperature was high enough and at the same time comfortable.

Today, Earth and Mars are very different living conditions. There has been progress on our planet and life began to develop actively due to the fact that tectonic plates were moving all the time. In the case of the Red Planet, its geological activity gradually declined, making it a dry, giant desert.


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