NASA has published the sounds of space

(ORDO NEWS) — The space agency has an ultrasonic data processing project where NASA turns the most amazing phenomena in the universe into music. Hear how some of them sound.

In space, you cannot hear a scream, explosion or collision of stars. But thanks to the new NASA program, one can imagine how certain phenomena are capable of sounding. To create a melody, the researchers analyzed images from space, determined how the electromagnetic radiation on them changed and drew an analogy between the frequency of light vibrations and the change in pitch when playing different instruments.

So, for example, the Crab Nebula sounds – this is a supernova remnant, the explosion of which, according to some data, was observed by Chinese astronomers in the distant 1054. Blue and white are represented by brass instruments, purple is played by strings, and pink by woodwinds.

The pitch of each instrument family increases from the bottom of the picture to the top, so many tones are heard at the same time. Sounds are amplified near the center of the nebula, where a rapidly rotating pulsar “throws” gas and radiation in all directions.

In the video below, you can hear the Bullet galaxy cluster – it contains several hundred galaxies and is two clusters that collide with each other. By studying it, scientists were able to prove the existence of dark matter.

The last video shows a supernova explosion called Supernova 1987A. Unlike the other two videos, in which sound appears as it moves from left to right in the picture, this supernova has received special frame-by-frame processing. As the point hits the edge of the star’s gaseous halo, the image gradually transforms, showing the evolution of the explosion from 1999 to 2013. The brighter the halo becomes, the higher the sound and the louder the melody. According to NASA, the ring of gas reaches its maximum brightness when a supernova shockwave runs through it, resulting in the loudest sounds at the end of the video.


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